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Recent Clients

"Our Logo Is Outdated, We Need A New One"

James Transmissions

Company Slogan: Get Your Gears Together

Scope of Work:

Logo Design, Business Cards, Content Templates for Social Media Post, Paid Advertising

James Transmissions is a transmission shop based in Athens Georgia. They are a pretty interesting Shop located 5 miles from Georgia University, and there is not another full service transmission shop within a 50 mile radius.  We implemented a custom Branding Package customized to their preferences.

Through James Transmissions amazing work ethic to be the best in the industry, skills, professionalism, and our Instagram and Facebook Advertising strategies we grew their awareness in Athens, GA which subsequently landed this shop a long term contract with a chain of local dealerships servicing their vehicles.

Advanced Outdoors

Scope of Work:

Logo Design, E-Commerce Website, Branding Assets, Marketing Strategies, and Paid Advertising

No industry is off limits with Inclusively Creative, INC. We love learning about new markets and implementing our strategies across a variety of niches. Advanced Outdoors, LLC is one of our newer clients. Advanced Outdoors, LLC is an online e-commerce business that sells unique high-end patented gun products. Through our intense branding strategies

We are currently in the branding process with Advanced Outdoors and look forward to sharing their case study as it will be quite the interesting development. We have created their logo, branding assets, and started to implement branding and marketing strategies. Thus far our branding strategies have landed them awareness that caught the attention of notable influencers who are now backing their unique products.  Stay tuned for more, once they launch their e-commerce store at the next big trade show we will be granted the right from this business to publicly display our case study. It has been fun working with this Outdoor brand and we look forward to the future.

"We are going through an identity change"

Inspire Specialty Hospital

Scope of work: 

Branding Assets, Cohesive Strategy, Graphic Design, Professional Headshots

Formerly known as Midwest City Specialty Hospital. Inspire has gone through an identity change and needed all new assets to represent the brand in a professional cohesive manner. 

There was a sense of urgency during this brand's season of reinvention. We worked with them around the clock to create over 50+ deliverables including a wide range of assets and signage design to ensure the brand is adequately represented when opening its doors again to Intensive Care patients. 

"I need to brand myself"

Ball Incorporated

Scope of Work:

Logo Design, Branding Assets, Consulting, Professional Headshots

Ball Inc. is an ER Physician who contracts out at a multitude of hospitals with an outstanding reputation he has curated for himself over the past 10+ years. Ball Inc. had an amazing track record with no logo. He soon realized there a was a missing piece to the puzzle. We were hired to design a logo for Ball Inc. which  led to other assets to bring his professional presentation to a whole. We designed a variety of branding assets for Ball Inc. Now, not only does his work and awesome track record do the talking, his cohesive presentation is the icing on the cake to making even more memorable connections. Remember a logo is your company's visual cornerstone.

Branding Assets


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